Teaching Fellow, Associate Researcher
University College London
20 Bedford Way
London, UK

Research interests
My research spans visual cognition, social perception, and decision-making. I am particularly interested in face processing as a window into understanding general principles of high-level vision and exploring other fundamental issues, such as cognitive architecture and development. I run behavioural, neuroimaging and brain stimulation studies of typical and atypical individuals (e.g. people with prosopagnosia), and neuropsychological investigations of individuals with brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases.

2017 -             Teaching Fellow and Associate Researcher, University College London
2016 - 2017    Postdoctoral Associate, University College London
2013 - 2016    Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
2009 - 2013    PhD Candidate, University College London
2008 - 2009    MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences, University College London

My research has been funded by the European Commission and Axa Research Fund.



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Rezlescu, C.
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(press coverage: Nature News, Harvard Gazette, Bild der Wissenschaft, The Australian)

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(press coverage: Huffington Post, Business Insider)

PUBLICATIONS (in preparation)

Rezlescu, C.
, Anzellotti, S., Wurm, M., Caramazza, A. (in preparation). Representations of person identity in the human brain.

Rezlescu, C.
, Susilo, T., Barton, J., & Duchaine, B. (in preparation). Dissociations of facial trait, facial expression, and facial sex processing in acquired prosopagnosia: Evidence against the overgeneralisation hypotheses.

Rezlescu, C.
, Belledone, M., Susilo, T., Caramazza, A. (in preparation). Car perception can elicit presumed behavioral markers of face-specific mechanisms.